Lump in throat sensation, like something is stuck in the throat

Some acid reflux sufferers (including me) have at one point reported problems with the throat are, capsule the sensation of a hard lump, unhealthy like something is stuck in the throat. I usually got this sensation mostly at night and when I was tired.

As alarming as it sounds, many doctors can’t place a correct cause of this and dismiss it as not important. But it’s extremely important and very real to individuals experiencing this.

The real cause behind this is the stomach acid that’s more corrosive than the battery acid started affecting the muscles in the throat. Left untreated, it’s very dangerous. Impairing the proper function of the pharynx will cause food and liquids going the wrong way, in the lungs and comes with pain and discomfort.

What worked for me? First there’s the alkaline diet that lowered the acidity levels throughout my body. You also have to cut back on any acidic foods and drinks like coffee, which is a major factor. To temporarily ease the pain, the only thing that worked was some natural eatable tablets that included Althaea officinalis (common marshmallow) and thyme extract. The pain went away in minutes. Also some vitamin D3 and Calcium worked wonders.

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