Home Remedies For Acid Reflux and GERD

A great home remedy for acid reflux disease calls for the head to be elevated to maintain the acid in the stomach where it belongs. There are special pillows designed especially for this and it will help you greatly to avoid night time acid reflux and heartburn.

Ginger seems to possess awesome healing qualities, see and those with acid reflux disease need to try adding ginger to some of their meals and beverages. Fresh ginger is also accessible from the grocery stores. Some dishes include it in the recipe, shop but it can be included to other dishes. Ginger may also be added to tea. There are some cuisines that contain lots of ginger such as Chinese cuisine.

You may well try to add green tea to your daily eating habits as this beverage is regarded to help the body digest well other foods and beverages. Herbal teas contain substances such as chamomile and licorice root that provide a repair mechanism for the stomach.

You should try to drink plenty of water which will help the entire body excrete the excess acid more efficiently.

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