Acid reflux cough – Cure the dry chronic cough caused by acid reflux

Acid reflux sufferers sometimes experience a chronic dry cough often with white mucus or phlegm. This can happen shortly after a meal or even throughout the day.

This is a symptom of the damage the highly corrosive acid in your stomach has caused to your lungs. The acid rises into the esophagus and pharynx and in time damages the throat muscles. Unable to close and operate properly, there the pharynx sometimes allows acid to spill into the lungs. Often this is also accompanied by pain in the throat and the feeling of a solid lump like something is stuck in the throat.

Left untreated, this could lead to serious consequences. To counteract the corrosive acid and to cure your acid reflux you should change your eating habits and restore your body’s natural pH levels with an alkaline diet. Also cut back on highly acidic foods and beverages like coffee and alcohol.

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